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What We Do

Archaeology has the potential to significantly influence the cost, programme and even the physical layout of a development. It is critical that the overall process of assessment, investigation, evaluation and excavation is closely managed, and that the Client and Project Team are provided with clear and unambiguous advice.

This is the role of Mills Whipp.


Mills Whipp is an Archaeological Consultancy which has advised developers for more than 30 years. We negotiate on behalf of our Clients with local planning authorities, Historic England, and archaeological contractors. We monitor all our Clients’ sites to ensure staffing is maintained and deadlines are met.


If archaeological work is required, our involvement will ensure that it is cost effective and causes the minimum programme delay.

We are totally independent and do not carry out fieldwork. This means that our Clients can be confident in our assessments and advice, knowing the requirement for any archaeological work is impartial and not influenced by the need to finance a field team. 


We are familiar with the archaeology found across the UK, both rural and urban. With our expertise we can assess a site's potential with absolute professionalism.


Occasionally, Clients also require historical research and assessments to be undertaken regarding leasehold details or curtilage definition. Using our historical research training, Mills Whipp has advised on complex and confidential cases, providing major legal firms and planning barristers with robust planning advice.


Our aim is to provide a service which enables the archaeological aspects of development to be achieved efficiently, both in terms of budget and programme.

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